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Increase your deal close-rate by sending hyper-personalized offers to prospects via a branded microsite, with the opportunity to cluster the content you send for more impact, engage in personal chats with your prospects, personalized email reminders, and much more.


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1 %
Increase In Upsell / Cross Sell
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Shorter Sales Cycles
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Increase In Win Rate

Maximize the engagement with your buyers

envivo is a digital sales engagement solution that allows you to create intimacy, trust, and sales momentum in a digital environment.

How envivo works

The moment of first contact is when your personalized relationship with your prospect begins. It starts with proposal, moves to signature, and then comes onboarding.

envivo is the only solution you’ll need for everything related to your clients. Answer all their questions, make them offers, share documents, manage contracts and onboarding. It’s all there in one place. Try it now.

1. With envivo you can interact with your prospects in a private online digital space where they are most at home.

2. Send out content and proposals to your prospects in an easy time-saving manner.

3. Your prospect can explore it securely in his private client portal.

4. Get online data with realtime fresh – you are updated in realtime on the activity of your prospect.

5. eSignature does so much more than just help you get the proposals signed. It takes the hassle out of the process.

6. envivo provides a comprehensive and personalized platform for maintaining your ongoing client relationship. You’ll also love our advanced reporting and analytics features.

Make the most of every interaction

envivo is a personal dialogue with your customers and prospects, who can access your offer from any device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Create your next convincing offer from automated templates in the blink of an eye. The success is proven by several customers already.

Optimize sales engagements

envivo brings everything together for you. Instead of countless emails, phone calls and documents in an endless expanse of communication, the entire sales cycle finally happens in one digital place. With all documents, from proposal to closing, with digital contract signing.

Safe and GDPR compliant. This creates an all-in-one communication and information platform for you and your customers.

Measurable success

With envivo you know what your customer is doing with your offer and which parts have piqued their interest.
Detailed analytics along the entire sales cycle are available for you and your team within envivo.

Make your offer more successful and follow it up at the right time. envivo is built for your growth.

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