envivo.io won a EU Tech Chamber SDG award

In this difficult time we were strengthened in our opinion how important a positive attitude and the upholding of values are. This is of utmost importance and the strongest motivation for us at envivo.io to work on our solutions that contribute to these core values. Together with Allianz SE, Start Social & wellcome, we have built a platform that sets new […]

New Templates – and more to come

Several new starter-templates are now available. All of them are based on out also new envivo.io Master Theme framework. This means all new developments & features will be rolled out to all of them right away.  Perfect for self-onboarding These templates are making it very easy to get started, providing you with a great foundation for […]

File Approvals made easy with envivo

Sometimes it´s difficult to keep track of different versions of design proposals, offers or contracts. Often various changes are needed until you get the final result, and this usually includes a lot of emails with even more attachements or the use of tools like WeTransfer if the files are too big to be sent by […]

Introducing the all new envivo Comms Hub

Since we launched the beta interface for envivo you could see it to be coming soon – and now it has arrived: the envivo Comms Hub! By loading the video, you agree to YouTube's privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Find out what the envivo Comms Hub has to offer. To make it […]

New interface design and features

Here´s the envivo makeover! Our developers have added bits and pieces here, chopped away some stuff there… And here it is: the overhauled envivo interface with additional functionalities! By loading the video, you agree to YouTube's privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Using envivo now is sweeter than ever! Our team has been […]

Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement How it works and how it can help you optimize your sales process By envivo.io marketing editor Sales Engagement is more than a modern buzzword. It can be all encompassing and describe the whole sales process. We described what it means and how it works briefly for you to gain an understanding of the matter.    "Sales […]