Allianz Customer Case

Transparency and Clarity in the Claim Process

When it comes to insurance claims, it’s often a complicated process for the customers. What documents and proof do I send where, and what, if anything is still missing?​

​envivo brings clarity and structure into the claims process. Digital data transfer allow for faster claims approvals and enables the streamlining of internal process, leading to higher customer satisfaction. ​

​Checklists and Visual Cues ​

Envivo enables the creation of checklists to make it easy for the customer to understand where they are in the claims process.​

What documentation still needs to be provided, what payout options and customizations are possible.​

With document previewing and easy to understand layouts, envivo enables a new level of quality in the digitalization of processes.

Reduced administration 52%
Processing time 57%
Higher satisfaction 73%


Who: ROCCO FORTE Germany

Industry: MICE (Hotel & Event)