NRJ Customer Case

"Now it´s all automated"

"Before envivo our sales team had to fill out a questionnaire for spot production by hand , scan it and send it to the production company. Now that is all automated."

Markus Schülein

General Manager Radio NRJ (N) & CTO NRJ Germany

Simplifying the production and booking of radio advertising spots​

The production and broadcasting of radio advertising spots involves complex requirements and customer specifications. Which voice actor resonates best for the spot? How long should the jingle be? When should the spot be aired?​

Envivo creates an environment for NRJ Group customers to order their customized radio spots in a structured and efficient manner, all the way from production to booking the optimal timeslots.​

A single centralized location for all data, and all phases, of the project​

During the production, through to airing of an advertising spot, there is a high volume of documentation that needs to be shared; from demographic target-audience analysis to pricing tables.​

With envivo, both the customer and the vendor have a single centralized location where they can share and edit data and documents. From proposal to campaign result metrics.​


Who: Radio Energy

Industry: Media


Shorter Sales Cycle 37%
More accurate proposals 55%
Higher customer satisfaction 86%