Vodafone customer case

envivo within the telecommunication industry

Telecommunication connects people and makes staying in touch and doing business easier. However, mobile contacts for employees, or broadband services for multiple office locations, require a significant exchange of information to get quoted and setup.

Transparency wins

Although the price is determining factor in vendor selection, so is the perception of how easy it is to do business with a vendor. The vendor who can present a proposal in a clear and understandable fashion and enables that proposal to be reviewed by multiple stakeholders easily, has a clear edge.

With envivo, transparent and personalized proposals can be created quickly and easily, and all information related to that proposal can be found in a single location, making it much easier for the buyer to make a decision.


Vodafone has used envivo for its B2B application business in its shops in the south of Germany. envivo simplifies this process for Vodafone Business Customers through a digital portal where personalized proposals improve the customer’s buying experience through the simplification of exchanging information.

Shorter Sales Cycle 46%
Higher Close Rate 37%
Higher Customer Satisfaction 76%


Who: vodafone Germany

Industry: telecommunication