In today’s world it is essential to stay on top of things. Therefore, envivo offers an all-in-one dashboard view.

All in one place

The envivo dashboard highlights all important information concerning your projects and customers. See the most recent activities with a glance. The information provided in the current dashboards is:

  • The pages that have been viewed in total and broken down into specific pages
  • Visitors who viewed your projects
  • The number of projects you have in envivo and how many of those are new, sent and viewed
  • The members of your team and who sent how many projects
  • The number of contacts your envivo team has
  • The number of downloaded as well as uploaded files
  • Messages sent in projects

Never lose track

With the dashboard view you have the visibility you need across your envivo team. Get real-time insights as to what sales materials work best. Feedback your marketing team or in general the sales content creators as to what content works best. Keep a close eye on your performance and use the dashboard to your advantage.