File Approvals made easy with envivo

Sometimes it´s difficult to keep track of different versions of design proposals, offers or contracts. Often various changes are needed until you get the final result, and this usually includes a lot of emails with even more attachements or the use of tools like WeTransfer if the files are too big to be sent by email. 
That whole process can be quite annoying as it usually involves a lot of "looking for the right file" and remembering how it was sent and where the corresponding explanations and messages are. 

You know what I´m talking about, right? 

This is why we´ve built a simple file approval system that works right inside of envivo. 

Our solution

Let´s say you run an advertising agency and work on a banner campaign for your client. Just upload your design proposals into envivo and send them to your customers. They can look at them, approve or reject, and even add some comments.

Just watch our short video and sign up for a free trial if you are not yet a happy envivo user.


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How to access public beta

If you are an envivo user and want to test the new interface right now, just log in to your account and switch your backend to the beta version by clicking on "try the new envivo beta app" underneath the menu.

You can revert back to the classic interface at any time.

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