Voces de los clientes

Conozca cómo nuestros clientes dieron vida a sus ventas digitales con envivo. Lea algunas de sus historias de golpe.

Casos de clientes

Vodafone customer case

envivo within the telecommunication industry Telecommunication connects people and makes staying in touch and doing business easier. However, mobile contacts for employees, or broadband services

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Allianz Customer Case

Transparency and Clarity in the Claim Process When it comes to insurance claims, it’s often a complicated process for the customers. What documents and proof

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NRJ Customer Case

NRJ Customer Case "Now it´s all automated" "Before envivo our sales team had to fill out a questionnaire for spot production by hand , scan

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BMW Customer Case

BMW Customer Case envivo within the Automotive Industry Buying a car is very personal experience varied requirements, wishes, and customized configuration options. Thanks to envivo,

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